4 Reasons You Need a Virtual Office in a City

If you are looking to expand your presence in another city, a virtual office is a perfect solution.  Here are 4 reasons why a virtual office is better than trying to expand from another location.

  1. Local Phone Number: A local phone number in a city is better than an 800 number or area code in another city.  While technically there is not cost difference for the user to call a local number or an 800 number, the power of a local phone number is in the perception you are committed to the market.  If your business relies on people in a specific city, you need a local phone number.  Subconsciously your prospects know and want to do business with local professionals.
  2. Local Address: Having a local address gives you the power to market your business inside of a local market.  This is an extremely powerful tool in growing a business.
  3. Vendor Referrals: Many vendors who you may resell products for will send you referrals if you are in a local market.  So to capture the business listings and client referrals, you need a local market.
  4. Hyper-local: Not only should business be local, it should be hyper-local.  This is a growing concept in marketing with the rise of the internet.  Think of it like this, what good does a Starbucks do for you if it is in your city but across town?  People want local.  Be hyper-local for a cutting edge.

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