Getting Insurance on Your Business

One differentiator in being self employed and running a business is found in a not so likely place, it lies in insurance.

Many people who are self employed do not carry insurance that covers the business in the event of an accident while working at a client site.  This can be a major differentiator as you are launching your small business that will separate you from the pack.

Getting the proper insurance coverage and letting your prospective clients know your are insured is a terrific way to win business.  Often before we get a new client, or to keep a client, we have to submit proof of insurance.  So often that it is routine around our office.  Most mid to large companies will not work with us unless we have the coverage in place.

If you think about it, you would never ask Home Depot for proof of insurance if they were installing your windows.  Because you know they have it.  But if Greg Smith was installing your windows, does he have it?  What if he falls off a ladder at your house?  What if he has a few drinks at lunch and falls off the ladder?  Will he come after the homeowner?  It is possible.

Act like the company you want to be and you will start becoming that business.  This small investment is one that takes almost no time to put into place.  Take care of this today!