Evolving Your Startup Business

All startup businesses go through stages.  Many of them start as a part-time job, a cottage industry, or simply a home based business.  Some companies are even launched with the intent of working virtually in the business plan.  There are pros and cons to having a dedicated office outside the home, one of the major ones being costs and insurance.  Enter the virtual office solution.

WFH Not for Everyone

I personally am not the type to work from home.  I get sidetracked like a 7 year old boy with ADHD.  There is always something for me to do, work in garage, hang a picture, fix my kids toy, etc..  I also crave the human interaction of fellow co-workers.  That said, I have always admired people who can work from home.  The commute and convenience must be amazing.

There are cons that come with starting and running a business from your house, and that is the lack of privacy and possible local code violations.  Using a house or apartment for a business may be in violation of local regulations, homeowners policies, or community guidelines.  Additionally, when your business uses your home address you lack privacy and separation between your business and your personal life.

Risks Using a Home for Business

If your business goes south, has collections issues, disgruntled employees, a litigious client, sour vendor relations, and/or any other possible negative scenarios you have no wall between your family home and the business.  This is not good!

Further, your homeowners insurance probably does not cover things being used for business or client equipment.  So in the event of an emergency you could be liable for any loss.

The additional drawbacks are that you lack a professional front for the business, not having a place to meet clients, and even lacking a receptionist.  If you are gong to compete in todays world your prospects and clients need to know you are a stable entity.

Virtual Offices

This is where a virtual office will solve your problems.  A virtual office gives you access to a professional mailing address and, in the case of BOS, access to a receptionist and meeting room all included.  This is a small investment you can make to give a professional wrapper to yoru business.

You will have someone to receive your mail and packages, handle your phone calls, take messages, and meet local business regulations.  All of this while you keep your home office.  It is the perfect solution.

Stay competitive and succeed.  A virtual office is a low investment that will pay for itself over and over.