Do you need a business coach?

Have you reached the point in your business where you are looking for answers to new problems?  Do you feel lost at what to do sometimes?  Have you reached a ceiling in your growth and you want to push through to the next level?  If any of these questions loom over you, it may be time for a business coach.

Before I dive into this post too far I will let you know, I have nothing to sell you on this topic.  I won't even make a recommendation on a coach to call because we all have unique needs.  If you decide you need a coach there are numerous ways to find one.

Growth as an Entrepreneur

One of my favorite parts of being an entrepreneur is the freedom that I have to make decisions that can grow my business.  Most of the things I have learned over the years came from failures and successes, but either way I had the freedom to decide what I would do.  Over time, as I reached a certain level of success, the speed at which I can make decisions had to be slowed down so I could see the. bigger picture.  Then as the business matured I had to learn how to be a leader.  Employees, clients, and families started to depend on me.  So as a result my style of decision making had to be matured to see the bigger picture.

Have you ever met someone that wanted to accomplish a goal and once it was achieved they didn't know what to do next?  I have met quite a few people that fell into his hole.  The issue was they didn't know what to do once they got to where they were going.  They were just focused on the road to get there.  Life as a leader is not dictated by a GPS. 

There is a limit you will hit as you grow a business.  You have to learn how and when to delegate, you have to build and train staff.  And you have to think down the road strategically while others think about the whats and the hows.  This is where a coach can help.

Getting to the Next Milestone

The skills that got you to where you are will not get you to the next level,  There is only so much time in your day so if you want to grow a business, it is time to get some outside advice.  Make sure you are part of peer groups that work on the issues you are working on.  Don't look for advice from someone that has never made a payroll, had failures, or only worked in large companies.  The problems you are having can be solved by people who have been at the same level.

Odds are, the people you are friends with will not have the same experiences either.  It is said often, but it needs repeating, you need to be with someone who has had to make a payroll.  Not someone who simply discussed it, someone who couldn't sleep at night because they needed more money to pay their employees.

You need someone that has had to hire and fire strategic people.  Someone that can see a sales plan and tell you it is completely wrong.  Someone who can speak into your life freely, not an employee who tells you what you wanted to hear.

For this to work, you need to be open to it.  You have top be able to speak honestly about your situation and not be defensive.  You have to be a student on the first day of school.  Be open about the issues, and open to the ideas.  They are on your side.  If you don;t know of one, approach an entrepreneur you respect.  You can simple email them and ask.  You would be surprised how open they will be to help.

Growing a business is thrilling, hard, and exciting all in one.  I love the process and the roller coaster ride.  I depend on my coaches to to help me get to the next level.  As a result, every venture I start now is successful quicker than my first.  Be a lifelong student.  Get a coach.