Podcast Recommendations


From Seth Godin.  Terrific podcast for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creators about how you can make a bigger impact in your field and what you can do to get your message out to the world.  By far our current favorite podcast.

Minute with Maxwell

If you have ever a book by John Maxwell or heard him speak son leadership you will know exactly why we are recommending this one.  These 1-3 minutes videos provide much needed tips for everyone in leadership or anyone trying to become a leader.

The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard was someone I listened to years back in Wisconsin and something occurred to me to look him up and see if he was still on the radio.  I was thrilled to find a podcast version of his show.  He is very upbeat and has an enjoyable show about how to save money and he provides some business tips along the way.  One thing I love about his show is it is what it is and he isn't trying to be 10 different things.