Proactive versus Self-Service

When a business is being proactive in customer service, you often don't even notice it.  You just notice things being taken care.  That can be taken for granted.  If a business does this enough they achieve a new normal, the standard for how that place does business.

Self-service is a different model thats goal is to reduce costs for the business.

Examples of Unspoken Productivity

When I get takeout salad from a restaurant and they include a knife, fork, and napkins without me asking.  Often not realizing it until I get back to my desk.

When you walk into a conference room and they are clean, organized, coffee stocked, and whiteboard markers already in there.

An employee that starts work on Monday ready to go because they took time on Friday to get ready for the next week.

Unspoken Examples Self-service

Ketchup packets next to the drink machine at a fast food restuarunt.

The front desk of a hotel having extra shampoo you can ask for if you stop down.

An employee who turns their expense reports in on time but misses the deadline for projects.

Both self-service and proactivity have their place.  There are ways to reduce costs and be proactive while having excellent customer service (think Chick-fil-a).