Ignoring Media Hype

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of any situation.  Possible bad weather, a new TV show, an internet hoax, or pilling on internet comments when a politician says something stupid.  Whatever it is, the media has a way to stir the embers of a fire and keep it hot for a while.  Then a large population of the country pick up on the hype and it takes off.

Truth is, these things are usually wrong.  The internet was not launched with media hype and fan fare, in fact the media largely ignored the greatest change to communication in the history of the world.

The mobile phone companies were struggling in the early 2000's to get their subscribers to use text messaging.  Now I have closed sales deals entirely over text.

Kindred in Davidson is considered one of the best restaurants on the country by media experts.  However if you enjoy Mexican or South American cuisine you will be disappointed, and not think it is special.  Eating Crispy Oysters is not for everyone.  Nevertheless, the hype tells us they are one of the best.  However, the details will give you a different result.

Who are the experts that dictate what we should and should not be doing?  Why would they know more than you?  The media never gets it right.  It takes courage to be an entrepreneur.  After all, me too businesses rarely change society and have a massive impact.

Being in business you have to be counter-cultural and ignore the hype.  You have to have the ability to discern any situation and apply a stead hand approach.  Business leaders should be looking what is coming down the road, and not following the swings of today.  

True societal and cultural change never happens quickly.  Anytime you feel rushed to get in on a new trend or bandwagon, stop and slow down.  It is wise to study the market diligently and evaluate if there is an entry point for a new product or service.  Jumping into situations too quickly with the advice of the media will only cause your business to flop like a fish out of water.