Just Starting

Finish Line image for Just Starting Blog post

If I am being honest, to write this BLOG post required effort. I am not a natural writer, so to sit down and write a 500-word post takes a little self-talk and encouragement. I actually find it easier to get up and run 5 miles at 5:00 AM than to write a BLOG post. I am not sure why I don’t enjoy writing but I love running. Maybe I am just more of a doer and writing doesn’t feel productive to me. To me, running is easy. Each time I run, I am able to set specific goals related to how far and how long I run. However, with writing there seems to be no clear finish. After I complete a BLOG post, I am not given a grade or immediate feedback on the quality of my work. In fact, most people will never tell you if they love or hate your writing, you just will never hear back.

But if I make a commitment to myself to publish a BLOG post, then I am going to do it. Those commitments, followed by actually starting the process and seeing it through to completion, is an extremely rewarding experience. The experience makes the beginning of the process worth it, and it equips you with motivation for the next time you don’t want to complete something. Recently I was having a really bad streak at work, I was striking out on deals and things were not falling into place. To correct my situation, I had to start something new. I had to keep going, quitting could not be an option. I had to dig my way out of the slump. All top performers will struggle from time to time. It is intuiting struggle where growth happens. Growth doesn’t happen if you are not trying; if you are not challenged. 

After all, we don’t do things to start. We do things so we can finish them. It only counts if you finish. And the reward is in the finish. This is true in all areas of life, from dieting to completing a course. We start so we can finish.

The world only admires the finishers. No one will remember you for being someone that never finished anything.

The self-talk conversations we have is where the starting is possible. If your outlook on the finish is worth it, then you will start the process. If you don’t believe in the finish then you will quit, never completing what could have been possible.

So, what have you been putting off that you need to start? Today. Go. Just start by picturing the end. Be a finisher by starting.