Saying Thank You

How often to you stop what you are doing, stop selling to everyone, and stop growing your business for a moment and just thank your past and current clients?

This is something I think companies forget to do, or worse don't care to do.  Sending a client who purchased something from you a personalized letter or email is a genuine way to let them know you appreciate them.

Some organizations who do this attempt to automate this.  They send a mass email made out to [Contact First Name] through their CRM.  That doesn't work.  It looks and feels fake.

I am tired of the automated emails from airlines after I land.  They want a pat on the back for the fact that I made it to my destination.  Where is the real thank you.  I have flown over a million miles on one airline, that isn't worth a personal note from someone?

Taking the time to send a note to someone in a real genuine form, typoos and all, changes us.  It changes your mentality.  It reminds you that you are providing a service and the feedback is important, but letting them know they are not just a customer worthy of a mass email.