Emptying the Tank

Emtpy Gas tank Guage

We are getting ready for the holiday season.  But before we get there, we have four weeks left.

That means you have four weeks to complete your 2018 goals.  Maybe you need to run that marathon, finish that diet, or call that old friend.

I said I would read a certain number of books this year.  If I don’t do it, no one will say a word to me.  No one will hold me accountable, except me.  But I will know I didn’t finish it.

This also means you have four week left of selling.  You have four week left to make deals or to hit those revenue targets.

I had it on my list to write a BLOG post this week.  I could have skipped it.  But by not skipping it, I keep my word to myself.

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on the year.  Wouldn’t it be nice to finish strong?  You still have gas left in your tank.  You may as well empty it.  Finish what you said you would do.  I believe you can.